“Our mission at Yes Dental is to give you the most healthy, brilliant smile of your dreams!”

Our Specialties

General Dentistry

  • Dental Cleaning - Professional cleaning includes the removal of plaque and tartar, brushing, flossing, and a fluoride treatment.
  • Fillings - A dental restorative material is used in order to restore the compromised integrity and function of a tooth or teeth.
  • Extractions - If a tooth is too damaged to be restored or because of extenuating circumstances, the surgical removal of the tooth may be necessary.
  • Root Canals - Treatments to the pulp chamber to eliminate infection and protect the tooth from further microbial invasion.
  • Periodontal/Gum Care - Cleaning gums and correcting problems like gingivitis by removing tartar, scaling and root planing.

Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Crowns & Bridges - Choose from gold, porcelain, composite or amalgam to restore teeth after decay or other structural deficiencies.
  • Invisalign - Straighten your teeth without braces and instead use a painless, comfortable clear and invisible system.
  • Teeth Whitening - Remove stains caused by smoking, eating food or poor oral hygiene through the process of bleaching or whitening the teeth.
  • Porcelain Veneers - Fix that chipped or cracked tooth with a porcelain laminate or fill in any discoloration gaps after the teeth whitening process.
  • Porcelain Inlays & Onlays - Create fillings that fit your teeth perfectly and bond them into place for long term results.
  • Dentures - Replace your teeth with dentures if periodontal or gum disease has rendered your teeth useless or missing.

A Few Words…

Few things can make a great first impression like a healthy smile. Treating your teeth and gums is only beginning at Yes Dental as our services will do a lot to improve your confidence and the general well-being you have come to enjoy out of life. No matter how serious your dental needs are at the moment, starting a treatment plan today can greatly offset future risks and ever increasing costs of damage.

When you choose a dentist you are making a very personal decision and it is important that you find one that you are comfortable with. The professional staff and dentists of Yes Dental create a welcoming environment that is free of anxiety so you can relax while you are in the dentist’s chair. You will feel comfortable as you embark on any number of the wonderful treatments that we offer.

While we can take care of anything we do have a few specialties which fall under costmetic dentistry and include invisalign, implants and teeth whitening. Our professional staff and experienced dentists will have your smile looking bright and unforgettable before you walk out the door.

From your initial free consultation to your final follow-up appointment you will find that our service is top notch and it is the most comfort you have ever been in when receiving a dental procedure. After a few trips to our offices you will be used to receiving the best service from the friendliest dentists and staff members.

Yes Dental works with the majority of health insurance companies to accept different coverage types. If you have no dental insurance take advantage of our offer of flexible financing plans with low monthly fees. Call us today to discuss payment options and to set up a free consultation to learn how to receive comprehensive dental care for the entire family.